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Lao PDR RHIYA Strategies

The purpose of the RHIYA programme in the Lao PDR is to have contributed to improved sexual and reproductive health practices, and improved utilisation of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services by young people in selected areas of the Lao PDR.


- Increased political and community support for adolescent SRH interventions;
- Increased awareness and improved SRH knowledge and behaviour among youth and adolescents;
- Improved access to quality youth oriented sexual and reproductive health services;
- Enhanced technical planning and managerial capacity among Government partners to provide appropriate, adolescent-friendly sexual and reproductive health information and services
- Improved understanding of critical adolescent SRH issues in the Lao PDR

The key beneficiaries will be adolescents living in Vientiane City, including vulnerable youth such as bar girls, commercial sex workers and their clients, as well as rural youth from 2 districts in each of the three southern provinces of Saravane, Sekong, and Attapeu (covering a total of 60 villages).

Altogether four projects promoting adolescent reproductive health interventions are being implemented. Activities include: training of young people in ARH, Life Skills and peer education; promotion of youth friendly service provision and counselling among service providers; increasing the capacity of national partners to manage reproductive health programmes and to encourage and value youth participation.


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