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Nepal Background Youth and Adolescents

His Majesty's Government (HMG) of Nepal's health care delivery system has made significant strides in expanding its network of health facilities, however health service coverage, and specifically coverage of reproductive health services, remains inadequate. Consequently, the Government of Nepal expanded its existing Primary Health Care Strategy to include the National Reproductive Health Strategy and the National Adolescent Health and Development Strategy. These strategies encourage and direct NGOs, national and international alike, as well as the private sector to co-ordinate with and complement the government’s activities to improve sexual and reproductive health practices, and to raise demand for and utilisation of services.

Adolescents and youth constitute the largest segment of population (42%) in Nepal. This segment of population is very vulnerable with high-risk behaviours. Due to the changing social values, today's adolescents and youth are more mobile. The risk taking behaviour of the youth and the situation of being away from home in search of economic opportunities makes them susceptible to contracting diseases like STI/HIV/AIDS and also bears the risk of unwanted pregnancies.


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Exchange on Adolescent Reproductive Health, post your publications, events, ...Exchange on Adolescent Reproductive Health, post your publications, events, ...