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Description of Tools and Request for Input

The Description of Tools is a series of emails, which describes how to use the different tools of the KMS, including the website, the RHIYA List and other interactive online-based tools.

For an outline of this series and the descriptions themselves, please click here.


During the first phase of the "Asia-Initiative," the EC/UNFPA Reproductive Health Initiative, several guides were produced:

Dealing with Advocacy - A practical Guide

This guide, written by Ms. Joke van Kampen is a basic guide on why NGOs need Advocacy. It describes the components of a successful advocacy campaign and how to integrate advocacy into an NGOs daily work.

Download this guide (PDF, 156 KB)

Dealing with Media - A practical Guide

This publication, written by Ms. Joke van Kampen is a basic guide on how to deal with all types of press and media work, aimed at anyone starting with press activities. It should help facilitate the cooperation of the local partner NGOs with the national media.

"Dealing with Media - A practical Guide" has been translated into Urdu and Sindhi by the Pakistan Press Foundation.

Download this guide (PDF, 149 KB)
Download this guide in Urdu (PDF, 851 KB)
Download this guide in Sindhi (PDF, 893 KB)

Advanced Dealing with Media - A practical Guide

This publication, written by Ms. Joke van Kampen, contains detailed chapters on news releases and feature stories, interviews and presentations, as well as press conferences and press tours and is meant as a continuation and culmination of the "Dealing with Media - A Practical Guide."

Download this guide (PDF, 154 KB)

Gender & Equity Manual: Reproductive Health for All

This training manual was developed within the framework of the RHI regional dimension project "Gender Equity and Reproductive Health and Rights in Asia." This manual was developed by the Italian Association for Women in Developmen (AIDOS), in cooperation with the Women's Health Project (WHP) of the School of Public Health, University of Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Download the Manual (PDF, 2.6MB)

Monitoring and Evaluation of Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions

This manual is a tool aimed at helping organisations to monitor and evaluate sexual and
reproductive health interventions, whether they be individual projects or part of larger
programmes like the EC/UNFPA Initiative for Reproductive Health in Asia (RHI).
The handbook acquaints the reader with concepts and terminology underlying the
objectives of the RHI and ICPD/POA, the scope and focus of project monitoring and
evaluation and their different functions, the use of a conceptual model for monitoring and
evaluation and its relationship with the logical framework and the systems analysis

Download the Manual (PDF, 1MB)

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