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Sri Lanka: Country Profile

Sri Lanka is a relatively well-developed country, which already meets several of the goals laid down by the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). The Sri Lankan Government has invested heavily in health care. Thus, thanks to concerted efforts both by the government and NGOs, the country has been able to limit population growth, which is now down to below one per cent. Moreover, over 90 per cent of the population are literate, life expectancy is high (69,9 years for men and 75,9 years for women) and as many as 93 per cent have access to basic health care. The maternal mortality rate is also low, with 94 per cent of births attended to by trained personnel.

Notwithstanding these impressive achievements, a considerable portion of Sri Lanka’s population is not sufficiently reached by the government’s programmes, namely young people and adolescents.

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