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Sri Lanka: Lessons Learned - Year 2004

Here are the main lessons learned from RHIYA Sri Lanka in 2004:


  • Ownership and empowerment of local partners is a key element in ensuring effective implementation . The local NGOs in Sri Lanka have not been as proactive as they should partly because of a lack of involvement in management and planning processes. This points to a clear need to empower these organizations and build their capacity to effectively implement activities in a culturally sensitive and locally relevant manner. It also emphasizes the importance of participatory over top-down approaches to programme management. On the other hand, local NGOs also need to understand the importance of accountability for their actions and on approaches towards implementation that focuses on obtaining results and working towards common goals.
  •        A well executed assessment of needs and capacities among local partners is a critical factor in designing an effective programme. When partners’ capacities have been adequately assessed, roles and responsibilities can be assigned according to areas of strength and TA can be directed to areas which require specific capacity building. For the RHIYA in Sri Lanka , focusing more attention on needs assessment from the outset would have enhanced the quality of interventions provided by partners and reduced bottlenecks in project implementation further down the programme’s lifecycle. UNFPA is in the process of carrying out a needs and capacity assessment of all RHIYA NGOs to enable the project to make use of and benefit from the strengths of the more established organizations which would enhance project impact.

Please find below all lessons learned from Sri Lanka partners (as described in Annual report 2004) :

IPPF: Sexual & Reproductive Health Information, Counselling & Services to Adolescents and Youth


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