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Building upon progress made within the first four years of the RHI, the three projects within the RHIYA Viet Nam programme, seek to contribute to the improved sexual and reproductive health status of adolescents and youth in Viet Nam, especially among poor and deprived population groups.

The RHIYA focuses on strengthening the capacity of local, community-based organisations in the implementation of activities for youth and adolescents, supporting national programmes on population and RH. The programme is coordinated by the Umbrella Programme Support Unit/UNFPA and provided with technical assistance from international NGOs such as Care, World Population Foundation and Marie Stopes International to the 2 Output Projects:

- Output Project 1 – "Advocacy and Behaviour Change Communication” to improve health behaviour, practices, and awareness of young people by creating an enabling environment to implement Adolescent Reproductive Health policies. The Output Project is executed by Youth Union and implemented by Youth Union, UNESCO Non-Formal Education Centre (UCNEV), as well as the Love, Marriage and Family Counselling Centre (LMF))

- Output project 2 – "Promotion of Health Service and Health-Seeking Behaviour” to provide youth friendly services, including counselling services to increase the utilisation of Reproductive Health services for youth and adolescents. The Output Project is executed by the Vietnam Family Planning Association (VINAFPA) and implemented by VINAFPA, Centre for Reproductive and Family Health (RaFH), Vietnam Association of Midwives (VAM).

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